What to Expect With Wisdom Teeth Removal

The thought of wisdom teeth removal sounds scary and even intimidating, but it’s a necessary procedure for most individuals.


At Choice Family Dentistry in Kent, we offer wisdom teeth removal procedures and consultations along with many other dental services. Read on to learn about what you can expect when it comes to wisdom teeth removal with a talented dentist in Kent! 


The Wisdom 


Wisdom teeth generally show up in the late teens and early twenties. Your wisdom teeth don’t serve a purpose, which is why it’s common for these teeth to be removed. In fact, wisdom teeth can be harmful to other parts of your mouth.  


Wisdom teeth are the last set of adult teeth to form in a person’s mouth; because a person’s mouth is usually too crowded, the wisdom teeth don’t have anywhere to grow and become impacted.


If your dentist advises this procedure because your wisdom teeth are impacted, it is best to get these teeth removed.  


Wisdom Teeth Surgery 


We take dental anxiety seriously. Don’t worry; you will not wake up during the surgery! We'll make sure you are sedated throughout the procedure so you won’t feel anything.


The surgery usually takes about an hour (depending on the procedure, it could take longer).   


Recovering From Wisdom Teeth Removal


Once your procedure is done, w'll recommend different regimens and medicines to help you recover. It’s important only to eat soft foods; foods that are extremely hot or cold should be avoided (mildly warm is best).


Remember, wisdom teeth removal is considered a surgery and should be taken seriously. Allow plenty of time for rest, and you will be back to normal in no time. 


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